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Dance Choreography

Wow your guests with specially choreographed dances.  We have been training quince girls and their courts for years!  We have different packages that fit every budget.  Still need to figure out your Waltz? Surprise Dance? Then you're going to want to keep reading.

Why hire a choreographer from Brilliance?

Everybody loves to put on a show.  Quinceanera's especially.  You know you want to do something BIG, but it can become overwhelming.  We'll help you pick the perfect music and than design a dance for you and your friends to perform at your party.  Beginner? No Problem! We're there to teach you step by step till you get it!  We make the classes fun, but keep the order to make sure everyone knows their steps so you're ready for the big day!  Don't forget, we can help with costumes or props.  Best of all, we have a studio in store, so you don't have to worry about finding space to practice.

What types of Dance do you teach?

From the traditional waltz to hip hop, we got you covered.  Bachata, salsa, merengue, no problem!  Traditional folk dance? Bring it!  Have a theme or story to tell? Lets put it to music!  Don't forget, we can help set up your entrance and your protocol. 

Hiring a choreographer must be it?

We have packages that fit all price ranges.  We have three package levels, that can be customized for what you want.  Call us now to book your free consultation to see just how affordable it is to leave your guests wanting more! 

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